what's your 500?

In association with the “500 Miles” film, a documentary by Heroes and Horses and Lux Nova Kino documenting the adopting, training and riding of 16 wild mustangs 500 miles through New Mexico and Arizona - the “What’s Your 500?” project was intended to connect the journey and struggles realized in the film to people from every walk of life. Micah Fink, founder of Heroes and Horses came to the conclusion during the filming of “500 Miles” that every individual, veteran or non veteran alike, has their own version of a 500 mile journey. Micah asked us to help share some examples of those stories to solidify the core message of the film: that struggle and hardship is necessary to create a life with meaning.

So we sat down with four unique individuals with truly heartbreaking experiences of loss and hardship. To bring their stories to light in the truest way we could think of, we simply asked them to write a letter to a person of their choosing describing what happened, and read it aloud on camera. The result was four short films, shot with three camera angles, each in one take.